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Immigration can be the most important decision in many people’s entire life, which profoundly influences your living in so many ways. Immigration petition can be a long and complex process, which makes people exhausting and worried in their daily life. Fortunately, we are there for you.

Since Dehai Tao P.C. was founded in 1994, we have dedicated immigration law services for thousands of individuals, families and companies. Our services cover various types of visas and immigration issues, including Eb1, Eb2, Eb3, Eb4, Eb5, H, L, O visas, and family based immigration applications, etc. With 30 years of immigration law experience, we are confident to provide the most expert advice and best services to our clients. Proudly we are well known due to our many successful lawsuits and audit filings representing hundreds of individual and company clients. 

Now the clients of Dehai Tao P.C. are widely distributed in all over the United States. As a well-developed law firm, we always provide clients a complete evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses in their cases. We will tell you honestly if your case is strong enough to win and work with you to find other options. We believe that clients are the most treasure to us, and we build warm relationships with each person we represent. As results, referrals from satisfying clients form the basis of the firm’s continuous growth.

No matter you are an organization seeking qualified employee, or an individual seeking a permit to work, or family seeking to reunite, our law firm is here to make the process as simple for you as possible. Look forward to meeting you and let us help you with what we are the best at.


Hundreds of cases are filed each year.


Proudly services clients for 30+ years.


Most expediate service guaranteed.

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