What is a D2 visa?

The D-2 crewmen visa is a nonimmigrant visa which allows foreign nationals to enter into the U.S. and serve aboard a fishing vessel with a homeport or base of operation in the U.S. and is only available if the fishing vessel is temporarily visiting Guam.

How do I qualify for D2 visa?

To qualify for D2 visa, you should:
  • Serve in good faith in any capacity on board a fishing vessel that is required for normal fishing operation and service
  • Intend to land temporarily and solely pursue your calling as a crewman and depart from the U.S. with the fishing vessel on which you arrived
Note: All the crew members such as captains, stewards, seamen, or employees on board a ship whose services are required for normal operation or to crew members traveling to the U.S., as passengers to join a fishing vessel are eligible.

What are the limitations of D-2 visa?

  • Be involved only in fishing, and the ship's homeport must be in the U.S.
  • Land in and depart from the same port as part of your crew duties

How long can I stay in the U.S. on D-2 visa?

You may stay in the U.S. for a period of six months on D-2 visa. The D-2 visa is issued only for a single admission to the U.S.

Can I extend my stay on D-2 visa?

No, you may not apply for extension of stay on D-2 visa. The USCIS does not authorize extension or change of status for D-2 visa holders.

Can I study or work on D-2 visa?

No, you may not study on D-2 visa. However, you may engage in employment in the U.S. only for the vessel for which you have got the visa.
Note: The USCIS has redefined the term 'employment' with particular reference to the employment of crewmen. The term 'employment' now means any service or labor performed by an employee for an employer within the U.S., including service or labor performed on a vessel or aircraft that has arrived in the U.S. and has been inspected, or otherwise included within the provisions of the Anti-Re-Flagging Act, but not including duties performed by non immigrant crewmen as defined in the INA.

Are there any travel restrictions on D-2 visa?

As the D-2 visa is a single entry visa, you must reapply for the visa each time you enter the U.S. because according to the immigration laws the D-2 visa expires the moment you leave the U.S. 

Can I bring my dependents on D-2 visa?

No, you may bring your dependents on D-2 visa. You may bring your spouse and unmarried children who are under 21 to stay along with you, under the appropriate visa category C-1 or B-2 visa.

What is the processing time for D-2 visa?

The processing time for D-2 visa is normally three working days. However, because of heavy demand for visas, you should apply well in advance, giving the consulate at least six to nine business days to process your application.

How do I apply for D-2 visa?

You should file your D-2 visa application before you start your duties on the fishing vessel. While applying for landing privileges, you should:
  • Submit your application in person and offer all necessary documents
  • Be photographed and fingerprinted
  • Establish that you are admissible under all relevant immigration laws
  • Prove that you are entitled to landing privileges in the U.S.
  • Be prepared to show copies of employer work records to the immigration officer during inspection

How do I obtain a crew list visa?

For a crew list visa you must fill in Form I-418 which lists the names of all crew members who do not have individual visas or alien registration cards (Green Cards) in alphabetical order. Issuance or denial of the visa depends solely on the filled in Form I-418.