What is C-3 transit visa?

The C-3 transit visa is a nonimmigrant visa which allows accredited foreign government officials to enter into the U.S. while in transit to another foreign country for official work.
Note: Immediate family members, attendants, servants and personal employees of the official should apply for a separate C-3 visa. This enables the entire family to travel through the U.S.

What are the requirements for C-3 visa?

To obtain C-3 visa, you are required to:
  • Have a ticket to reach the proposed destination outside the U.S.
  • Possess adequate funds to complete the trip
  • Have permission to enter the destination country (a passport and valid visa)

What are the limitations of C-3 visa?

On C-3 visa you must be transiting the U.S. for official business, and:
  • While in the U.S. engage strictly in visiting, touring or shopping activities. Any exception to this requires an appropriate visa
  • Apply for a separate C visa for each family member. There is no dependent C visa status

How long can I stay in the U.S. on C-3 visa?

The maximum length of stay permitted on C-3 visa is 29 days. You are required to leave the U.S. on your proposed flight or ship of departure or by 29 days, whichever is earlier.

Can I apply for extension of stay on C-3 visa?

No, you may not extend your stay on C-3 visa.

Can I apply for change of status on C-3 visa?

No, you may not change your status while on C-3 visa.

What are the travel restrictions on C-3 visa?

If you leave the U.S. and wish to reenter the U.S. while on C-3 visa, you have to reapply for the C-3 transit visa.

Can I study or work on C-3 visa?

No, you may not study or work on C-3 visa. However, you are authorized to engage in employment in the U.S. only for the official duties for the foreign government.

Can I bring my dependents on C-3 visa?

Yes, you may bring you dependents on C-3 visa. However, your dependents will be issued principal C visa, as there is no dependent C visa

Can my dependents work on C-3 transit visa?

No, your dependents may not work on C-3 transit visa and neither can they change the status of their visa.

Can my dependents study on C-3 visa?

No, your dependents may not study while on C-3 visa and neither can they change the status of their visa.

What is the processing time for C-3 visa?

The C-3 visa is generally issued immediately after checking your credentials. However, due to the heavy, constant demand for visas, a minimum of five working days is normally required for the issuance of a crew-list visa.

How do I apply for C-3 visa?

To apply for C-3 visa, you should submit a filled in USCIS Form DS-156 along with:
  • A passport valid for travel to the U.S and with a validity date of at least six months beyond your intended period of stay
  • Two photographs
Note: The consular officer may require additional documents to verify the purpose for obtaining the visa such as the position on which you are traveling, the purpose of visit and so on

Where do I forward my C-3 visa application?

You may apply for C-3 visa in person or by mail at the American Consulate near your residence.

Can I apply for a Green Card while on C-3 visa?

No, you may not apply for a green card while on C-2 visa.

What other additional or necessary information is there about C-3 visa?

  • All other applicants over the age of 16 must apply in person
  • All applicants who apply in person must schedule an appointment before going to the Embassy
  • Tourists who come under the Visa Waiver Program can travel without a visa